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about myself ..

Living and working in Hamburg/Germany.

my cameras..

  • 1999 sony dsc-f505.
  • 2003 Canon 10D and various lenses.
  • 2004 Canon 1Dmk2
  • I never was seriously taking photos with film what I always thought of
    being too time consuming getting the results and too expensive. But
    today also this started to get my interest ..
  • 2004 I got a lomo lc-a from ebay
  • 2004 Leica M2 (my fathers camera)
  • 2005 Hasselblad 203cx (ebay accident)
  • 2008 Leica R9, Canon EOS 5D

More axelk on the web (twitter) (blog) (lomohome) (nothing to see there)



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